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View of Historic Centre of Lisbon (Photo by

Wednesday May 5th

Arrival of participants, hotel check-ins, welcome toast  and sightseeing in Lisbon..

We all meet at the Hall of the Avenida Palace Hotel at 15h00

Architectural Promenade through the Pombaline "Baixa" District (Reconstruction after the terrible earthquake of 1755), the Chiado District (the Alvaro Siza Reconstruction after the devastating fire in August 1985), Alfama, the "Bairro Alto", and other famous urban landmarks and monuments of Lisbon.We will conclude with a good glass of Port Wine at the "Lisbon Welcome Center" (Rua do Arsenal 15) !


Keynote Speech
"Education of Architects and Urbanists in the Age of Globalization"
Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Dean (University of Miami)

Praça do Comercio, Lisbon

Evening Promenade to the Praça do Comercio, the main piazza of Lisbon, remarkable for its open side on the river Tejo and its beautiful Pombaline-Baroque architecture.


Dinner Reception & Fado Music

"Fado Azul", Painting by Marcio Melo

We will then have dinner  in the Alfama neighbourhood , at the exquisite restaurant "Bacalhau de Molho" (1, Beco dos Armazéns do Linho) in the company of excellent Fado singer Teresa Tapada,..a talented artist from a younger generation,-- committed to tradition as a living process of continuous  excellence, emulation and invention........
Fado music is an authentic urban tradition, meaning originally "fate",... singing of the saudade, of nostalgy, love and particularly,...of a wonderfully cultivated, delicate and inspired  love of the city, and of urban life,  of popular traditions, of the streets, buildings, monuments and memories...

Famous Fado Singer Mariza in Concert

It also cultivates relentlessly its passionate attachment to Lisbon and its "barios"...It has proven to be very resistant to the erosion of time by addressing tradition without fear of the contemporary. Like in the American Blues ,  "modern" and  "traditional" are not contradictory terms in the Fado culture, but rather two different, complementary levels of reality, of consciousness, of life and poetry, of truth, and of the complexity which living and vital human cultures share with nature..

Thursday, May 6th


Bus -Trip from Lisbon to Viseu

On our travel to Viseu we will have a stop at EXPO98 District to acknowledge some recent urban planning and modernist urban architecture by Calatrava, Alvaro Siza, S.O.M, Vittorio Gregotti, etc., contrasting with the historic landmark the Mosteiro dos  Jerónimos in Belém and the spectacular Ponte de 25 de Abril over the Tejo,...

Estação do Oriente at EXPO98, Lisbon

The"Mosteiro dos Jerónimos"  in Belém, Lisbon

Ponte de 25 de Abril, Lisbon

Aerial View of Historic Centre of Viseu

Check-in  in Viseu Hotels and Lunch on your own, at the Hotel, or in the city centre.The Hotel Grão Vasco is right near the Historic Centre whereas the Hotel Montebelo is about 15 walking minutes from the City Centre. There will be a bus coach to get timely to the University.


Visit of Historical City Centre of Viseu

We will do this promenade in smaller accompanied groups and then walk to
  the University (about 10 minutes)

Street at the Cathedral Walls, Viseu

Meeting at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa and Registration.


Official Opening of the Conference

Welcome speeches by Prof. Dr. Manuel Braga de Cruz, Rector of the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa,  the President  and other University officials, CEU-Chairwoman Susan Parham, Intbau secretary Matthew Hardy,  City officials, etc.

Presentation of  Urban Typology Assignment
New School of Architecture, UCP Viseu (2004)


Opening Cocktail of  New School's Exhibition

Works in Progress: Architecture&Urbanism
Selected works by the Students of the  School of Architecture
at Universidade Catolica Portuguesa, Viseu

followed by

Concert of  "Estudantina"
Students' Songs performed by the Students from
 the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa of Viseu

Facades Praça Dom Duarte, Viseu


Dinner Reception and Live Music
offered by the Camara Municipal of Viseu at a historic "Quinta" (country house)
located in the surroundings of Viseu

Lower Viseu on the River

Friday May 7th

Registration at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa


"Globalisation and Local Action: Education & I.N.T.B.A.U"
Matthew Hardy, Secretary (I.N.T.B.A.U)

Panel Discussion


"Education and Practice for a New Modernity"
Michael Mehaffy, Director of Education (Prince's Foundation)

Panel Discussion

Break: Coffee, Tea and Pastries

Houses on Praça Dom Duarte, Viseu


American & European Realities, Visions, Experiences in Education"
Gabriele Tagliaventi (University of Ferrara)

Panel Discussion

First Year Student's Sketch of Viseu
New School of Architecture, UCP Viseu

Lunch Break

Paper Session
A selection of submitted Education Papers will be informally
 presented in smaller lunch discussion sessions!

Rua Formosa at Lunch-Time, Viseu


"The Reformed Atelier: A New Curriculum"
Dhiru Thadani, Editor of the "Windsor Education Papers"

Panel Discussion


"Architecture & Civic Responsibility in the Age of Globalization"
David Brain (New College of Florida)

Panel Discussion

Studio Activities in First Year (2004)
New School of Architecture, UCP Viseu

Break: Coffee, Tea and  Pastries


"Urban Design Charrettes as a Studio Strategy"
Samir Younés, Director (ND Rome Sudies Program)


"Four Fallacies and a Challenge: Reflections on the Studio Culture in Architectural Education"
Doug Kelbaugh, Dean (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Panel Discussion

Buçaco Palace Hotel, (50 km from Viseu near Coimbra)


Dinner Reception at Buçaco Palace Hotel
Dinner Lecture:

"Architectural Education through the Classical Tradition"
Paul Gunther, President
(Institute of Classical Architecture&Classical America)

Detail of Buçaco Palace Hotel

Saturday, May 8th


"Architectural Education in Cuba: Challenges & Opportunities
 in the XXI Century"
Julio Cesar Perez, School of Architecture of Havana (Cuba)

Panel Discussion


" Urban Architecture & Planning of the City"
Claudio d'Amato Guerrieri (Politecnico di Bari)

Panel Discussion

Break: Coffee, Tea and Pastries

Summer Class 2001, UCP Campus Extension


"Learning from the Traditional Urban Fabric"
Attilo Petruccioli (Politecnico di Bari)

Panel Discussion

Lunch Break

Paper Session
A selection of submitted Education Papers will informally
 be presented in smaller lunch discussion sessions!

House Typologies in Historic Centre, Viseu


"Integration of  the Scales of City and Architecture"
José Cornélio da Silva,Coordinator (New School of Architecture, UCP Viseu)

Panel Discussion


"Proposal for a New European School of Architecture&Urbanism"
Audun Engh (Byens Fornyelse, Norway)

Panel Discussion

Break: Coffee, Tea and Pastries

First Year Urban Typologies Assignment, Viseu (2004)


"A Synthesis: New Strategies in Education of Architecture & Urbanism"
Susan Parham, Chairwoman (Council for European Urbanism)

Panel Discussion


Brainstorming & Discussions Groups


Conclusion of Conference
Discussion Panel
 Street Perspective near Praça Dom Duarte, Viseu


Dinner in Historic Centre
Gastronomic Restaurant "Cortiço"
offered by the Camara Municipal of Viseu
Sunday, May 9th

Rua Direita in Historic Centre, Viseu

Check-Out of Viseu Hotels
Possibility to return to Lisbon airport for early afternoon flights!!!

Bus Coach from Viseu to Tomar

Entrance to University of Coimbra, Coimbra

We will have a very picturesque journey through the hilly landscapes of the Beiras, its dramatic granite rocks and dense forests, and then experience a radical change of landscape with softer topographies, different vegetation and geologies, and a different architecture...We will have a coffee break in Coimbra where we can see one of the oldest European Universities in its spectacular setting!

Aerial View of the Convent of Christ at Tomar


Guided Tour to the Convento de Cristo with Curator and Viseu Faculty Alvaro Barbosa. The Convento de Cristo is an extraordinary complex ensemble founded in 1162 by the Grand Master of the Templar Order of Tomar, and developed, and expanded over centuries into a sophisticated and inspiring urban monument, a great historical synthesis of building crafts and urban architecture!

Entrance Facade of the Convent of Christ in Tomar

Catered Lunch at the Monastery

Return to Lisbon by Bus Coach

We try to arrive in Lisbon before 16h00 o'clock!
 Everybody can reasonably be at the Lisbon airport by 17h00!

Postcard of Lisbon from San Jorge Castle
Photo from Joel Crawford (

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